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Hotel Villa Belfiori
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All events, which is the Hotel Villa Belfiori proud to offer its guests. Discover them all and make your stay more enjoyable and interesting.

Hotel Villa Belfiori - Cooking Courses

Cooking Courses

The old recipes of Sardinian cuisine

• The Sweets
• Liquors and jams
• First and Second Course

Respect for tradition, experimentation, combinations and handling of raw materials. Grandmother's recipes and explained step by step tradition.

The course includes:
1 night in single or double room, half board

Course dates:
- Sweets: 14/15 May - July 9/10 - 17/18 September
- Liqueurs and jams - 11/12 June
- First and Second - 7/8 May

* Course dates are subject to change

Hotel Villa Belfiori - Sculpture course

Sculpture course

“Sculpt it means to pull out what is already there”

an opportunity and an 'opportunity for adults and children: Challenge, curiosity, excitement are emotions that are mixed up and give you the energy to hit, carve, cut and discover unknown artistic skills.
The work with the stone is a physical sensations of work, visual, tactile, olfactory, auditory, which gives satisfaction.

The course includes:
6 nights in a single or double room, half board

Course dates:
From May 22 to 29, or on request for a minimum of 5 participants

* The course dates are subject to change

Hotel Villa Belfiori - Archery Course

Archery Course

Agility, precision and speed

the art of archery: ancient sports from modern practice.

Basic course of archery under the attention of a great master.

The course includes:
2 nights in single or double room, half board

Dates of the course:
a minimum of 4 participants required

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