A beach where children are free to be children

Torre dei Corsari has the privilege of enjoying a wonderful climate, warm and slightly windy, especially at night, perfect for very young children. The flagship is the large beach that slopes down from the magnificent dunes with hills of golden sands that stretch lazily into the sea. Mountains of sand warm and soft.

The beach with its dunes gives the little ones happy days without "too many" rules and parents the pleasure of sunbathing.

Here children are welcome

Within 3 miles of beach, over 100 feet wide, crowds of children can be left free to play. A t-shirt and a hat are sufficient to protect them from the danger of sunburn. The sun is good for the children, playing outdoors is important for their harmonious development. In the great beach do not exist theme parks and swings: there is only the grandeur of nature. The kids dig holes, rolling dunes, run, jump and do a thousand new discoveries.

Just beyond the beach Torre dei Corsari you have two beautiful bays. Please join sunrise or sunset to enjoy the spectacle of the glittering sea. Here the water is crystal clear, low and always calm and the gently sloping seabed. In short, it is the perfect place to entertain children in safety.