All in the saddle ... by mountain bike!

The Costa Verde the ideal place for a week's holiday in mountain biking. Ride in a world immersed in the silence of untouched nature discovering tracks and evidence left by the men in these enchanting places have sweated to extract valuable minerals from the galleries.

An extensive network of bridleways and singletrack bordering on small streams and stunning sand dunes, have popularized the Green Coast between bikers.

The variety and beauty of the landscape offers unforgettable emotions. Wide horizons cling to the volcanic peaks of the Linas golden sand dunes of of Is Arenas de S'Acqua and S'Ollastu and Piscinas, through unusual scenarios, including bush and woodland. Mule tracks open by the miners, tight rocky canyon, accompanied by breathtaking landscapes of the emerald green sea, a vision that fills the soul.

The paths followed by many ups and downs in a landscape always pleasant, dominated by Mount Arcuentu, called by sailors the "Thumb Eleanor" (* Eleanor Judge sard), indicating the city of Oristano. The trails wind their way from Torre dei Corsari to the municipal territories of Arbus, Guspini, Arborea and Terralba along a jagged ridge bordered by the the sea, up to Piscinas and Capo Pecora, through the mining areas of Ingurtosu and Naracauli Montevecchio and Donegani. Beautiful paths, silent landscapes to the sound of the waves and caressed by the scents and colors of the Mediterranean, in search of the soul of Sardinia and his wild spirit.