Trekking in all seasons

The Costa Verde is a wealth of emotions for those who love trekking and nature walks. From Torre dei Corsari extends an area of approximately 100 km almost untouched, including the lagoons and coastal Oristano and the hilly areas and coastal Arbus.

It is a diverse landscape, rich in native species of plants life and animals can be visited throughout the year.

Summer offers the warm hospitality of the beaches and the emerald green sea. The trek is recommended in the morning when the air you give off the scent of the Mediterranean, and in the evening. When the sun dips into the sea, it is easy to meet, among junipers and mastic trees, deer mother and her cub. The spring is wonderful: the walker discovers an enchanting world of colors and scents. Autumn is the best time sweet. The mild temperatures and strong contrasts in the colors of nature, the sea warm and calm, the sky clear, for long walks.

Costa Verde has a very ancient geological history, dating back to the Tertiary period, between the Oligocene and Miocene. The intense volcanic activity characterized by acid and basic lavas gave rise to different types of rocks. The acid resulted in rhyolites, riodaciti, ignimbrites and tuffs, while the basic generated the basaltic rocks. The Marina di Arbus is one of the oldest land mass of Europe, has a geo-mining heritage and a priceless archaeological heritage of the mining remarkable: villages, mines and fascinating itineraries immersed in the wilderness, in search of plants, animals and amazing scenery.